Thursday, April 7, 2011

Graffiti Wall Street Iran, Tehran

With Graffiti slowly emerged in the middle east countries that operate in various regions of the country United Arab Emirates, Israel, and Iran. Local newspaper had published an article about the author duah illegal photographs A1one Iranian artist's work at a bank in there make a Graffiti.

Graffiti Wall Street IranWall Street Iran, Tehran

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Artful graffiti in Olinda Brazil - South America

In South America particularly in Brazil there is something significant tradition, Sao paulo many spawned many graffiti artists. Graffiti unique and interesting and very rich coming from berazil as a place for artistic berinsprirasi in every room or corner of the city of brazil as Artistic parallels.
Graffiti Brazil olinda

People of Brazilian graffiti artists, including Os Gêmeos, Boleta, Nunca, Nina, Speto, Tikka, and T. Freak. their artistic success and involvement in commercial design business, has highlighted divisions within society between adherents of a Brazilian graffiti cruder forms transgresif pichação and more conventional artistic value of practitioners Grafite.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Graffiti Art Wall Design Hip-Hop

Graffiti Wall Design Hip-HopGraffiti Wall Design Hip-Hop

Hip-Hop Graffiti a wall with spray paint cans, graffiti can also be interpreted with the art of graffiti vandalism in a very general sense. graffiti art for people who do not have the money in which the means for artistic expression that cheap either painting or music scenes.

The urge or the need to express become so strong that people began to create their own art and music to use what is available to them. And not many are available to them. So they turned to using their mouths (beat-boxing), scratching on the table (to simulate the scratch data) and create rap. Hip hop evolved from rap music.

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Learn How to Design Graffiti

 Graffiti Design, Graffiti Learn How to Design Graffiti

By painting graffiti someone could vomit its Expression to the people, by painting graffiti on someone can be a more collective and Creative and can be exhibited all the hidden talents.
Take the Secret Wars, for example, one of the many creations sprung from a company based in London, Monorex. This is a special street art event hosted in Shoreditch, east London, and is designed to showcase the art of 16 artists from around the country, through the media battle. Follow the path of the previous battle events like Jump Off and Throwdown (who just about beat boxing, rap and break dancing), Secret Wars street art has stretched the concept further by using this event to broaden interest in graffiti and character art.

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